Out of orphanages

Out of Orphanages – It is a known fact now that worldwide 80-90% of children in institutional care have at least one parent alive.
We have partnered with a number of orphanages to find the families of the children in their care and now a number of children are living safely and happily back with their families in their communities.


We have successfully helped families to find a number of children  who were kidnapped.  We currently have one live case of a little boy who is unfortunately still missing.

International adoption fraud

We have been asked to help a number of American families in their fraudulent adoption cases and then assisted them by reuniting the children back home.


Mother and Baby unit in Psychiatric Hospital

Traditionally if a baby is born in the government psychiatric hospital or a mother comes in with young children, the children are immediately put in an orphanage. The Mother often loses permanent contact with her child.
We are piloting a programme to help the mothers and their children to keep them together or in their extended family. If they are too unwell to still look after the child we find emergency foster care placements for the children until she recovers.


Foster Care

We have a number of teenagers who had grown up in institutional care who are now in long term foster care placements with Reunite.  We have also used emergency foster care for a number of babies and young children from the Government Psychiatric Hospital.
We are planning on doing a recruitment drive over the coming months to find some new foster parents living near the hospital who can help us in this programme.


We do investigations into the background of a child and attempt to find their families and their communities.

Economic Empowerment

Poverty is one of the main reasons that children end up in institutional care in Uganda. We work with the families on our programme to set up small businesses so that they can
increase their income to lift them out of the poverty trap.
Some examples of  businesses are hair salons and barber shops, dry cleaning business’, retail shops, animal husbandry and farming.

School fees

School fees are a huge burden on Ugandans.  With such large family sizes and limited incomes, children often become vulnerable to being put up for institutional care because of the lure of free schooling.
Where needed, we pay for the school fees of the children we resettle and sometimes their siblings if funds permit.