Our Goals

To reunite children back to their families where appropriate, who have been separated due to trafficking, illegal adoption, kidnapping or in institutional care.

Supporting families of reunited children access services, be economically independent, to be healthy and a strong family unit.

To advocate in Uganda and globally for the rights of children to grow up in their families and to not be unnecessarily and illegally moved out of their families.

To promote reintegration, foster care and local adoption as opposed to the default options of institutional care and inter-country adoption.

To support and advocate for pregnant women and Mothers with children who are in patients at Butabika Psychiatric Hospital. To support the development of a Mother and baby unit in order to prevent further psychological harm to the mother and child and to stop the children of these vulnerable women bring lost to the orphanage system. To support mothers in their recovery by providing practical assistance and working with extended family and local services , to ensure the placement has the best chance of success.